Can we drink on the buses?

Yes you may! You will have to supply your own alcohol but we have granite bars and coolers filled with ice ready for your drinks. If there are those who are under 21 years of age, there cannot be any alcohol on board.

Is it expensive to rent a bus for the evening?

The answer to this question really depends on your budget. For most people it's quite affordable, but if you are on a more limited budget you can always consider hiring us for pick up and drop off service only. All the luxury at a considerably reduced price!

Can We Smoke

No smoking. We like our buses to be fresh and clean for all our customers. If you would like to take a smoke break, inform your chauffeur, and they will stop when it is safe to do so with your unlimited number of stops.

Are there hidden fees?

We don't like when companies charge for things the customer knows nothing about. That's why we don't hide anything. You will be informed of any potential fees you may have when you make your reservation and sign your contract.


Questions & Answers

Go ahead and take a look at some of our most frequently asked questions below, in case we're able to answer your questions without you having to waste a moment on a phone call or email. Then, if you still have questions, you can reach us anytime at the contact info above.

We have vans that fit 8-10 guest, buses that are small enough for cozy parties of just 14 guests, and we also have buses that are large enough for up to 35. If your party is larger than that, you are more than welcome to rent as many buses as you need, subject to availability!

You can bring food but try not to make a mess. If there is a mess, you may be charged a cleaning fee

Children are allowed to ride in our party buses as long as there is no alcohol on board. If you plan to drink on the bus, please make sure not to invite anyone who isn't aged 21 and up. We provide transportation for many sweet sixteen parties and high school proms, but of course those are strictly non-alcoholic parties as well. We welcome you to stock the bars with other beverages though, such as sports drinks, iced coffees and teas, pop, fruit punch, fruit juice, bottled water, and other favorites!

Nope, no restrooms. They are too stinky and are always messy. You do have unlimited stops so that you can take a bathroom break when needed.

We operate 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year!

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