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About Us

About Livonia Party Bus

At Livonia Party Bus, we believe that the greatest sign of strength that a company can have is the loyalty of its customers. With an old fashioned work ethic, a service-oriented mission, and a dedication to providing an experience unlike any other on the Michigan roads, we approach party travel from a revolutionary standpoint. When you travel with us, we don't want you to just remember the trip. We want you to love it so much that you go on to tell all your friends, and that you come back time and time again to travel with us in the coming years.

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We make our prices affordable, because for us it's truly not about the money. It's about the fulfillment of knowing that we have done our job. That we have gotten our customers safely to their destination. That we have given them the smoothest and most comfortable ride available in our state. That we have put every last drop of time and effort into decking out our buses with the finest equipment and upgrades. That we have made new connections not via over-the-top advertising, but via word-of-mouth from our beyond-happy customers. That we have lived up to your expectations and gone so far beyond them that you can't help but recommending us to every single one of your friends.

If it sounds too good to be true, we invite you to give us a call at 734-418-9072 or send us an email with the form below, and find our for yourself. Take a trip on one of our top-of-the-line party buses, and you tell us if your experience is anything less than a dream. Cruising around the Livonia and Metro Detroit areas with a pro chauffeur guaranteeing your safety, and with all of the perks and features that you could ever dream of... This is the way that vacations and party trips should be. We specialize in providing this to our customers, and we take it very seriously! To find out more, to see insurance documentation, or to tour our lot, just get in touch!

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