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Welcome to Grand Blanc's best party bus rentals & limousine service. Genesee county has a lot to offer you, and we want to give you the excellent opportunity to get to know west Michigan, and have the most amazing limousine experience. You will not regret asking for our services because we have the best vehicles in the industry and the best attention you can get to provide. If you want to know a little about our company, we attend different events and outings of friends, family, and work colleagues. Depending on your choice, we can take you to the most crowded and/or private places. Each service is fundamental to our company, and we will treat you based on our respect for our trajectory. We know to make things happen and execute them in the best possible way so you can have the day of your dreams. If you read on, you will find more specifics about what we do and how we do it.

Luxury vehicles with the best features

Our limo service has the most professional chauffeurs who will transport short and large groups in our stretch limousines or party buses. Every vehicle is maintained constantly, taking into account all possible safety measures. Every limo bus has fantastic features. These include modern entertainment features like big-screen TVs with high-quality images, excellent sound systems, mini bars depending on the size of the vehicle, games, stripper poles, updated technology, and a wide range of other services. If your closest friends want to watch TV while heading to a party, it's not a big deal; they can watch movies on all the streaming platforms or even take a tour while doing karaoke. Send us your playlist before the tour, and we'll ensure your music makes everyone's time on the road with our amazing audio sound systems. Singing is not the only way we want to hear your voice; we pay full attention to when, how, and how many people you invite to determine your suitable capacity and vehicle.

We are experts in the designation of vehicles according to the type of event. The final decision is yours, but if you are undecided, we can help you through the awkward moment that can be the planning of transportation for an event. Just let us know the number of people attending and the characteristics you want your vehicle to have, and we will take the reins of the situation. We can provide you with different vehicle quotes that fit your tastes and your budget, so you must look at our fleet page to get an idea of what is ideal for your dream day.

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About events and local attractions

No occasion will be boring as long as there is a party bus.

Having a great experience has always been challenging. Every special occasion is considered an essential task for us. You could rent a party bus for birthday parties, bachelorette parties, or a romantic night or bar hopping. Grand Blanc party bus rentals are the perfect option to guarantee a fun and luxurious space in every moment. A limousine service could be the best way to keep everyone entertained and allow them to experience the feeling of being a celebrity for a while. Each of your guests will have a happy day surrounded by the best features on wheels. Every event should be meaningful, and we understand that if you must transport your loved ones, it should be in the best way possible. We are that way! Doing events in Genesee County is one way to get to know the little corners of Michigan. This county has the best spots nearby for your parties, and we're sure you'll love making every special day in this area a reality.

Tour the city, and we'll take you there.

With us, you can go to various restaurants, parks, nightclubs, parties, quiet gatherings, or whatever comes to mind! Our party bus rental staff knows the right place in Genesee County. If there is traffic, they will help you avoid it by taking alternate routes on our party buses. We are your best option for a wild but safe night out with hourly rate transportation. We offer different party buses and other services around Grand Blanc, such as airport transportation and touristic rides.

We can help you organize the best transportation route so that you can reach as many places as possible when you hire our services. Our limousine service & party bus rental are versatile and adapts to all occasions and locations. If you want to go to several nightclubs in one night, it can be done. Regarding restaurants, Grand Blanc has a great variety. If you like pasta, we can take you to the best Italian restaurants in town, but if you want wine tasting is also something we can make happen..

These are some of the Grand Blanc's leading local attractions:

  • NCG Trillium Cinemas
  • R&B Used Books
  • Physicians Park
  • James Conner Gallery
  • Beyond the Rainforest Yarn Shop
  • Creasey Bicentennial Park
  • Grand Blanc Farmers Market
  • Michigan's Graeatest Fudge
  • Mike's Tavern
  • Captain's Club at Woodfield Golf Course
  • SweetWater Sports Bar & Grill
  • The Jewel of Grand Blanc

All these options are lovely, and we suggest them, but they are not mandatory. We can also take you to the Grand Rapids area. You are the one who rules this tour, and we can take you to other spots you may want to go to. Make it your own style! We have your back within the Genesee County area, and you will arrive in the funnier and most luxurious vehicle in every place. Give us a call, and we will show you all the party bus service options we have for you to choose from. Grand Blanc is a great place to do tourism and try new fun things with the people you love the most. Rent a party bus or book a limo service and find a charming city's brightness.










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Give us a call, and our staff will respond to your free quote request. You can find our number on the top bar of our website. Here, you will find the best price for a party bus service because Grand Blanc Party Bus Rentals cares about the benefits their customers will receive. We can adjust your budget to our fleet to deliver a complete, luxurious, and affordable experience. The pillars of our company are care and organization, and we want you to see us in action. We are the best at what we do and have a team with excellent human qualities. We listen, plan, and execute, so you don't have to worry about anything else but sharing with your guests once the day arrives. Please don't wait to have an unforgettable day with our help. Each of us will be available to address your concerns. Contact us; someone from our customer service team will gladly help you someone from our customer service team will gladly help you with the reservation process.

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