Best Ypsilanti Bars

Below are reviews of some bars in Ypsilanti. Any would be perfect to take a party bus to. Read below and discover a place you want to try out. Call today to book your reservation!

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Encore Hookah Lounge

(734) 905-7066

622 S Hewitt Rd

Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Encore Hookah Lounge has a little something for everybody in an especially friendly environment. The atmosphere is very laid back, and there are televisions lining the walls, so there is always entertainment here. The customer service is what will bring you back time and time again! They even offer ice hoses, as well as fruit bowls here. If you find yourself in the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area, there's truly no better spot to enjoy some fresh hookah and efficient service. You're going to love Encore.

Smarty Catz

(734) 480-0775

16 N Huron St

Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Smarty Catz is a dive bar, with every single drink you could possibly think of. Everything here is extremely affordable, and did we mention how strong the drinks are? With smart and attentive bartenders, the experience of drinking here is always a positive one. The clientele here is always nice to be around, too. The beer selection isn't as wide as other places in the area, but there's still a great variety if you're a beer lover. Try out a Lydia Special before you leave, and you won't be feeling any pain.

Unity Vibration

(734) 277-4063

93 Ecorse Road

Ypsilanti, MI 48198

Unity Vibration is a great spot to enjoy both alcoholic and non alcoholic brews. That's because this isn't just a beer brewery, it's also a kombucha brewery, which is a fermented and naturally carbonated health drink that everybody should try. We recommend trying out the Bourbon Peach selection, as well as the beer that comes with Black Pepper and Dates, which is named Roman Red. There are movies projected on to the wall, so there's always something for you to enjoy in terms of entertainment here.

Haab’s Restaurant

(734) 483-8200

18 W Michigan Ave

Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Haab's Restaurant is the place to go for a tasty meal that wont break the bank. This is a family owned restaurant that is known for its attention to delicious recipes. You can't go wrong with the London Broil, Turkey and Swiss Pretzel Sandwich, Chicken in a Basket, Fried Mushrooms, and their homemade soup selections. There's nothing better than sitting back and relaxing with a beer here, as they're always especially affordable. When you're in the area looking for a good spot to eat, look no further than here.

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