Best Lansing Bars

Below are reviews of some bars in Lansing. Any would be perfect to take a party bus to. Read below and discover a place you want to try out. Call today to book your reservation!

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(517) 487-4464

812 E Michigan Ave

Lansing, MI 48912

Stober's is known for their bold logo made of stained glass, as well as their amazing service and quality of the atmosphere. The jukebox has all modern music which makes for an entertaining look through the selections, while the shuffleboard is even more entertaining when you've had a few drinks in you. The alcohol selection is out of this world here, as the bar is as large as they come. The pours are out of this world, the bartenders are courteous as ever, and the craft beer is cold and inviting to those beer lovers. Set your GPS to Stober's and get ready to have a great time.

Zoobie's Old Town Tavern

(517) 483-2737

611 E. Grand River Ave.

Lansing, MI 48906

Zoobie's Old Town Tavern is comprised of older business professionals as well as young hipsters, so you know they're offering something for everybody here! This beer bar has a chalkboard menu with all of the specifications you'll need to know before ordering, such as alcoholic content and a description of the taste. This way, you can know a little bit about the beer you're going to drink before you even order it. The food choices aren't plenty here, but what is there, is amazing! When is the last time you has Truffle Oil Popcorn at a bar, anyway?

Westgate Tavern

(517) 323-9170

623 N Rosemary St

Lansing, MI 48917

Westgate Tavern has some of the best pizza in town, trust us! Lansing locals know that this is the place to go when they want a cheap pizza that's loaded with topping, and an ice cold beer to go along with you. The bacon cheeseburger is another winner! The kitchen knows what it's doing, and so do the bartenders. This makes Westgate Tavern an easy choice when you're filling hungry and thirsty at the same time. There's even a wood burning stove in the corner which is absolutely perfect and inviting in the winter time. Any season is Westgate Tavern season, so stop by.

Tin Can

(517) 982-7464

414 E. Michigan

Lansing, MI 48933

If you've never been to the Tin Can in Lansing, you're missing out on an affordable and exciting drinking experience. With coolers filled with beer lining the walls, if you're a beer lover, you might just salivate looking at your surroundings. The dart boards, board games, and chalkboard wall are all great drawing points for the younger crowd, and the cheap canned beer makes this a place to return to time and time again. They even have a menu of drinks made with Faygo and Pinnacle vodka. Everything here is wonderful, so stop in today!

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