Best Canton Bars

Below are reviews of some bars in Canton. Any would be perfect to take a party bus to. Read below and discover a place you want to try out. Call today to book your reservation!

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(734) 737-9777

45656 Ford Rd

Canton, MI 48187

Neehee's is a completely vegetarian place to enjoy all different types of Indian food. The modern atmosphere really adds to the feel of this establishment, and we love the fact that they also offer online ordering and a wide menu that goes above and beyond your expectations. There's a little something for everybody, whether you're a fan of Indian food, or if you've yet to try it out. They're happy to answer any questions you might have so that you have the best eating experience possible. The rose ice cream is a great way to enjoy dessert here at Neehee's in Canton.

Shish Village

(734) 844-1999

41985 Ford Rd

Canton, MI 41985

Shish Village is the master of all things Mediterranean! If you enjoy Greek flavors, we're confident that there's going to be something here that draws you back for more. When it comes to quality and price, this is a restaurant that can't be beat. You can't go wrong trying out the Fattoush Salad with Grilled Chicken, Grape Leaves, Kibbe Nayee, Fried Kibbe, Tabbouleh, and Mousaka here at Shish Village in Canton. Whatever you do, be sure that you order some extra garlic sauce as a side when you come here for a meal, it's really that addictive. Just ask around!

Basement Burger Bar

(734) 927-0100

42452 Ford Rd

Canton, MI 48187

Basement Burger Bar is one of those restaurants that you always hear about in conversations with family, friends, and coworkers. Why not try it out and see what all of the fuss is about? We love the levels of customization that are available here. Whenever you get a burger, it will come specific to your liking each and every time. They even have vegan options for you to try out such as mushroom patties. The sweet potato fries make the perfect appetizer, and the drink specials are always on point with a friendly bartender domineering the bar area. You'll love it here at Basement.

moo cluck moo

(734) 844-0000

42126 Ford Rd

Canton, MI 48187

moo cluck moo has been in the local news many times for providing high quality food as well as industry leading wages for their employees. We love that the food is always extremely fresh here, and the workers are friendly as ever. The garlic fries draw people back time and time again, while the double bacon cheeseburger is the reason for the usual lunch rush. We would love to try their other options such as Chicken Sandwiches and Lamb Burgers, because the locals are always raving about them. This will be a standard lunch run for you after trying it out once, trust us.

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