Best Birmingham Bars

Below are reviews of some bars in Birmingham. Any would be perfect to take a party bus to. Read below and discover a place you want to try out. Call today to book your reservation!

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Mad Hatter Bistro

(248) 540-0000

185 N Old Woodward Ave

Birmingham, MI 48009

Mad Hatter Bistro is a tea room meets bar that has a lot to offer in terms of eccentricity. The movie theme here is extremely detailed. There are innovative drinks, and reminders of the movie practically everywhere you look. The food here is amazing, with selections like Strawberry Tarts, Risotto Bites, Bruschetta, as well as Alice's Potion, a delicious fruity drink. Be sure to bring some friends when you come to Mad Hatter Bistro, as you'll want to share the memorable experience with somebody for sure.

Luxe Bar & Grill

(248) 792-6051

525 N Old Woodward Ave

Birmingham, MI 48009

Luxe Bar & Grill isn't your usual bar and grill! This is a contemporary, modern, high quality bar and grill with a lot to offer. We love the food here, with options such as Luxe Burgers, Sweet Potato Fries, Brussel Sprout Salad, Mahi Sandwich, French Onion Soup, and more. Be sure to ask your waitress about the drink specials for the day, as you're going to want to take advantage of the affordable offerings. It is a small area and there is sometimes a wait, so be advised when you come out here for a bite to eat.

Market North End

(248) 712-4953

474 N Old Woodward Ave

Birmingham, MI 48009

Market North End is an Italian wine bar with a ton of amazing food. They're taking Italian food to a whole other level here, and we can't get enough of it. Be sure to try the House Bread, Sweet Corn, Otto Calzone, Pasta Fritters, Pizza Rolls, Apple Walnut Salad, Spicy Lamb Pizza, Berkshire Pork, Bacon Wrapped Chorizo Dates, and any of their salads. You're definitely going to love to modern interior design of this establishment as well as the breezy addition of the outdoor patio. Come out and enjoy it today.


(248) 645-2150

220 E Merrill St

Birmingham, MI 48009

Edison's is a pub with a lot to offer when it comes to a Cheers like experience in the downtown Birmingham area. This is usually an older crowd, but you can't deny the warm hospitality that permeates through every corner. The drink menu is expansive, and the selection will definitely have you scratching your head. If you're lucky, you'll be able to catch some live music. This is definitely a spot to meet up with friends, catch up, and enjoy affordable drink specials and the usual bar food everybody loves.

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